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How to keep your baby safe at home

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Safety of the Baby - Your Top Priority!
The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts….

When it comes to your precious baby, safety always takes the first position. So it is imperative that we plan ahead and take precautionary measures to keep this bundle of joy happy, healthy and above all safe! Here are some pointers that will help you to simplify this vital task of addressing your baby’s safety.

Time to install a playpen: Once the baby moves out of the warmth of the mother’s arms, the next safest place will be a play pen. It’s a great way to keep your baby off danger zone while you are busy in the kitchen, checking your mail, unpacking a shopping bag, popping to the loo or taking a shower. The play pen should be sufficiently padded to avoid contact with sharp edges

 Keeping the tiny fingers safe: The house should be scanned for potential hazards from the baby’s level of reach. All the electrical sockets need to be covered, multipurpose latches to be fixed, door slam guards to be attached and corner protectors to be placed in every corner.

• Carbon Monoxide detector to be installed: Fumes have no colour or odour and we need a detector to alert us on any kind of gas leaks. Carbon monoxide affects babies and children more quickly than adults. So it is essential to have a detector at home.

Smoke Alarm: Every floor of your house may require a smoke alarm and ensure that the batteries are always charged.

• Safety gate for the stairs: It’s advisable to keep the stairs nice and clear to avoid tripping and falling and a stair gate can be used to avoid nasty tumbles when your little one tries to explore greater heights!

• No guessing when it comes to Temperature:  Maintain an optimum temperature of 16-20 degree Celsius in your baby’s nursery so she/he doesn’t get too cold or hot. A room thermometer will be of great help and don’t forget to pick up one for the bath tub too. When you run your baby’s bath ensure that you run cold water first and then add hot water gradually to be on the safe side.

• Hazardous materials out of reach: Our little explorers go on a biting spree…where they tend to taste everything that comes their way.  So medicines and cleaning products should be kept out of reach and under lock and key. The kitchen and bathroom cupboards and drawers should be latched always.

• Safe Sleep habits: Mortality rate of babies are seen high especially when babies are asleep. Crib safety is very important. Avoid pillows or blankets that might choke the baby during sleep. Bare is best.

• Never place a baby on a sofa, waterbed, soft mattresses or other soft surfaces to sleep as it could increase risk. 

Remember -Never to leave your baby unattended. With more mobility of the baby comes more responsibility from your end. Keep Safe always!

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