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My child is 7 and wets his bed. Should I be worried?

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Some children are slow to train their bladder and take up to 5 years to have dry nights. But bed wetting incidents in children over the age of 5 need the doctor’s help. It may be due to emotional stress or genetic factors or infections or just a small bladder. Whatever it is this can be treated. 

Treatment options include Bladder training, Medicines and Moisture alarms (where alarm bells will sound when the bed starts getting wet. It helps the child to wake up to use the bathroom) 

Some useful steps for parents to help the bedwetting child: 

a. Make sure the child drinks enough water during the day so that he does not drink too much in the evening to make up. 

b. Bladder Training: Delay the child by 10 to 15 minutes to use the restroom, so that the bladder learns to control. 

c. Avoid giving the child cola or caffeine especially at nights

d. Encourage the habit of emptying bladder before going to bed

e. Bedwetting is not the child’s fault. So avoid scolding or blaming the child. 

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