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Has your child been vaccinated yet?

Vaccines are a godsend to mankind. Diseases that killed multitudes of people can now be prevented by a few harmless dosages of vaccines.
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What are vaccines?

Vaccines consist of weakened or dead antigens (microbes) that cause a particular disease that is introduced into the body. These trigger a small immune response and when the disease affects the body next time, the body will fight it without any difficulty.

Vaccinating your baby

Vaccinating your child is a process that goes on till your child is about 15 years old. Vaccinations need to be given at periodic intervals, some varying between a few months and some between few years because the antibodies require time to get used to the new antigens introduced into the body.

Certain vaccines are introduced immediately after your baby is born because eliminating devastating diseases like polio at the earliest is best for your child.

Why is vaccination important?

Although all of the epidemics like polio, diphtheria, and measles have been eradicated, a few cases have been found to have the above-mentioned diseases, and if your child isn’t vaccinated, the infectious agent is bound to attack and cause disastrous effects on your child’s body. Some diseases that killed thousands of children have been eliminated completely and others are close to extinction due to safe and effective vaccines.

Vaccinating your child can save huge medical expenses in the future. The government provides vaccination for polio and other diseases that are available free of any charge in many places. Doing this, will save many lives and save a lot of money because we all know that “prevention is better than cure”. 

Vaccinating your child is not only for his/her betterment but for the betterment of the family, neighbors and the community as a whole. If your child gets a contagious disease, chances are that the whole neighborhood contracts the disease. This would create a local outbreak that might cause more damage than one might usually imagine.

If a major outbreak occurs, the economy of the city or state would drop in large numbers (now you wouldn’t want to be the cause of that, would you?). The advantage of vaccination would also be economic benefits because the country would be saving up on imported medicines to treat the outbreak, thereby spending the saved money on things necessary for the country’s development.

Vaccination Schedule

To be fully resistant to certain diseases, children should be given all doses of the recommended vaccines at the correct intervals. A schedule is followed for vaccinating the kids and the pediatrician should be consulted regularly.

The schedule should be followed strictly and it is the parents’ duty to ensure that their child gets vaccinated at correct intervals of time. Failure to follow up on multiple dosages of a particular vaccine would render the initial steps fruitless.

So now that you know the importance of vaccines, it is imperative that your baby gets vaccinated starting from birth. Vaccinate your baby to enjoy healthy days ahead.

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