Thursday, 21 July 2016

Abdominal Pain - Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Abdomen is called the "Temple of Surprises". Abdomen has got 9 compartments. The upper abdomen, the middle abdomen and lower abdomen are divided into 3 compartments each. The major organs in upper right quadrant are the liver and gall bladder, in the middle upper portion we have the stomach, in the upper left quadrant is the spleen, in the middle abdomen on both sides we have the kidneys, in the middle portion we have pancreas, transverse colon and small intestine. In the lower abdomen, on the right lower quadrant we have the appendix, in left lower quadrant we have the large intestine's terminal portion and in the middle lower portion we have rectum as well as the urinary bladder. The abdominal pain can be related to the organs underlying the particular area. Sometimes we call this as the radiating pain. For example a person with heart attack can have severe pain in the upper part of the abdomen.

Prof. D. Kannan, Senior Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist at Kauvery Hospital, talks about abdominal pain symptoms, its causes and treatment.


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