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Common Dental Problems

Dental problems are quite troublesome and create problems in the most unexpected ways. Although most of these problems can be rectified, a few after effects are always preset. It is always wise to see a dentist/ oral hygienist every 3 months. The most common dental problems are discussed below.


  • Tooth sensitivity is the most common problem seen in adults. Your teeth will become very sensitive to very hot and very cold food stuff. 
  • Tooth sensitivity is caused due to tooth decay, gum disease or an exposed Enamel.
  • Generally, tooth sensitivity can be rectified by using a desensitizing toothpaste and maintaining proper oral hygiene. 


  • Gum disease (Periodontitis) is caused by bacterial infection and it will end with tooth loss due to the destruction of the surrounding tissues.
  • Gingivitis or gum inflammation is the starting stage of Periodontitis. 
  • Gum diseases appear without any prior warning; hence it is always advisable to maintain good oral hygiene. 
  • The treatment depends on the type of disease and the extent of infection. A dentist’s touch is required for proper treatment.


  • Tooth cavities occur when plaque combines with the sugars that we consume.
  • This will produce acidic substances that will erode the enamel which will cause tooth sensitivity and bad breath. 
  • Tooth decay is often very painful in the later stages and in the worst-case scenario, the tooth may be extracted.
  • Dentists will clear out the decay and fill the tooth with dental fillings and in advanced stages, root canal treatment is advised.
  • The only way tooth decay can be prevented is by maintaining proper oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day, flossing regularly and making occasional dental appointments.


  • Mouth cancer can affect any part of the mouth like the tongue, lips, gums, the jaws or the palate. 
  • Mouth cancer originates as a small white or red spot in any part of the throat or mouth. 
  • The symptoms may include numbness, pain, sores that bleed easily, hard lumps in the mouth or throat etc. 
  • Get advice from your dentist and try to diagnose the problem as soon as possible because, mouth cancers are highly curable at an early stage. Make sure you tell your dentist all the problems you have while you chew food or swallow as they may be critical in diagnosis.


  • Mouth ulcers are quite common and can be treated at home. 
  • These sores that appear on the lips, mouth, tongue and are quite painful, and create difficulties in eating. 
  • The mouth ulcers are also a symptom of possible viral infections in kids. 
  • Mouth ulcers are treated by using a gel or paste that you can get from a pharmacy, you can also use a soft tooth brush to avoid aggravating the sores. Try to avoid hot and spicy food until the sores heal.

The biggest problem you face due to bad dental hygiene is a compromise in your smile! You will begin to lose self-esteem and confidence. So always maintain good dental hygiene and a beautiful smile. 


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