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Concurrent Disorders

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Concurrent Disorder?
Alcohol, Substances or process Addictions’ (gambling, internet, texting, video games,  pornography, etc) co-occurring with any one or many of the mental, emotional or psychiatric illnesses is called Concurrent disorders.

Who is a Patient Suffering from Concurrent Disorder?
A person addicted to Alcohol, drugs’ or any process addiction suffering from a  psychiatric illness is a concurrent disorder patient in the Mental Health and Addiction  treatment community.

How Do You Recognize A Concurrent Disorder Patient?
This is a person who uses drugs or alcohol, has a history of treatment for addictions, tries to stop using drugs or drinking or gambling but unable to do so, and relapse is extremely common.

Why Concurrent Disorder Treatment?
A patient suffering from concurrent disorders usually has problems related to his / her  Addiction or Mental Illness. By the time they show up for treatment – they have incurred  major losses w. r. t. family, friends, health, money, and jobs. Treating the patient and     helping him or her in the healing journey will help that individual and also the family.          

What Is Treatment For Concurrent Disorders?
Treatment for concurrent disorder is multifold. It will include medical management of  symptoms, individual counseling, and support, teaching the patient life skills, educating the patient about their illness and medications and family support.

Our services include Intake, Assessment and treatment. We will assess the patient, and post assessment treatment will be planned. Other medical services, internal referrals to specialists as per patient need, lab services, medication management, information and education re: resources will be provided. We will include family in treatment due to the unique treatment needs of the concurrent disorder patients.

Dr. Kamali. R. SampathKumar., M.B.B.S. (KMC, Mangalore), Dip. In ADTP (Canada) is a Consultant in Behavioural Disorders specializing in Concurrent Disorders at Kauvery Hospital Chennai. She can be contacted at 730588705 / 9952001587.  Email:


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